Vision and Mission of the Universitas Sulawesi Tenggara

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Vision :

          To be an academically advanced, innovative, and cultured higher institution by the year 2035.

Mission :

  1. To improve the quality and innovation in learning and teaching, research and community services.
  2. To broadly apply the results of learning and teaching and quality research in the community, and support the dissemination of science and technology.
  3. To strengthen an IT-based transparent and accountable university management system for excellent service provision.
  4. To develop students’ potential in reasoning, innovation, sports, arts and culture, and entrepreneurship to produce locally and globally competitive graduates.
  5. To develop a safe, comfortable, clean, and friendly university environment.
  6. To expand cooperation in university’s tridharma with various institutions and stakeholders at regional, national, and international levels.
  7. To improve the quality of the implementation of university quality assurance system to ensure that activities in all areas of higher learning institution’s tridharma and services to the stakeholders are effective and efficient.